what? Tomato Butt!

On more than one occasion, when I have purchased, received foods with tomatoes (both at restaurants and in canned product), and upon inspction, noticed that they included what I have called the "TOMATO BUTT" in my food.

Technially, the part I am referring to is the stem end of the tomato... but when I am telling my stories to others, the use of the term "tomato butt" gets a more notable response from the audience.

This site is dedicated to sharing some of my tomato butt experiences. Both stories and when possible photos of the tomato butts are included.

I soon hope that readers of this site will submit their own tomato butt images, and this feature will be added soon.

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The gallery of BUTTS

How did this all start?

  • In 1994, or perhaps 1995, I was in a Taco Bell, very happily preparing to consume my favorite menu item (at that time): The Enchirito (not quite an enchilada but not a burrito either). Many of you may associate this Taco Bell item with "The Terminator". I bit into my Enchirito, and discoverd (horrifically) something "spidery" in my mouth, proeeded to GAG and RETCH and spit the "mystery item" into my napkin. I was unable to view "whatever it was" but prefer to tell myself it was the leafy-stem of a tomato... But to this day I cannot be certain, because I was too traumatized at the time to view the mystery item.
  • Since that day, I have a habit of "inspecting" foods prepared by other people, especially when patronizing restaurants or fast-food venues; as well as (admitting shamefully) food items prepared by my friends. (Sorry, friends, just take comfort in knowing that you are not the reason I developed this habit.
  • On many occasions, I have found (not the leafy stem end), but the stem-attachcment "butt-hole" looking part of the tomato in my food. While this never suprises me, it does shock me, since I have had a kitchen-job where I was among other workers whose sould purpose in employment was to prepare vegetables for a cafeteria.
  • We pulled the outer leaves off of roughly 1000 pounds of lettuce, washed it, shredded it, and used it for salads; along with preparing (cleaning, cutting or peeling, or coring) hundreds of pounds of cucumbers, carrots, onions, bell peppers and of course, tomatoes.
  • I included this bit of information to specify that I have done the job(s) of the persons who caused my suffering, and I know first hand that it is not that hard to cut the core out of a tomato to prepare it for consumption.


Coming Soon ... the GALLERY

This BUTT was in my HUNT'S canned diced tomatoes. I primarily use these canned tomatoes when i want to make a quick marinara sauce.

While I consider HUNT'S to be at the top-of-the-line of canned tomatoes, I always seem to find butts in every can.


Soon, I will add more "incident" images, as well as allowing readers to submit their own "tomato-butt" incidents.

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